About US

Hello there! This is who we are.

Everyday we are living and breathing in all of the wonders that comprise the world we live in. We enjoy traveling and seeking out peoples and projects that promote sustainability and an organic, local community. Our passion and/or philosophy is very simple. To live life fully and to be as sustainable as possible. Taking responsibility for all of our actions.

One thing we have learned in life that has helped the most is that not everything in life feels perfect. However, if we could see the bigger picture we would notice that every choice we make, every situation we encounter whether we think it’s “good” or “bad” is perfect. It may not seem like the best thing in the moment, but everything happens for a reason.
The belief is one that we are here on this Earth to learn, evolve and progress our thinking, therefore our lives, daily.

The future of our species rests with each individual taking part in life and living up to the responsibilities of what it is to be human. Consumerism in NOT a sustainable future. We do not support it. We support organic ideas. Organic food, community, and fellowship. Because of our feelings, we will never fill this site with adds. We ask that people who want to, or can
DONATE to continue the growth towards an organic future.