Floor Pillows

Floor pillows. I absolutely love sitting on the floor with a bunch of floor pillows…and so does Sif. 🙂 Here’s how I made ours!


The original plan for these was because we move so much and tend to not attach ourselves to big bulky objects. These pillows travel well and if you make a few, actually serve as a super comfy bed! So…..2 for 1 😀


So obviously the first step is to pick out the fabric you would like. I suggest an upholstery fabric, or a thicker fabric. Hemp fabric works verrrrry welllll. ;D

My second step includes finding old pillow cases that might have exceeded their time for normal uses. It takes at least 2 old pillow cases per big floor pillow. Cut the pillow cases open and sew together all but one opening.


Step 3 is stuffing the pillow. I’ve used old pillows that have also expired in their “normal” uses. Ya know, those flat or lumpy ones that just aren’t comfortable anymore. Rip an opening and tear out the old stuffing. As you pull it out, it becomes re-fluffed. Then stuff it back into your newly made pillow case. Then sew up the opening. *I suggest to “over-stuff” the pillow so that over time the pillow won’t flatten out.


Step 4 is to measure out the pillow case cover out of your super-cool fabric you’ve chosen. For this I just layed the fabric out on the bed, put my pillow on top, and folded the fabric over (kind of like wrapping a present) and just allowed 1-2 inches for the seam and/or room for putting the pillow in.

Step 5 is to sew up 2 edges and make a hem along the 3rd (open) side.

If you prefer the opening to be closed, I suggest adding a couple of buttons on the open side. However, when adding buttons to a floor pillow, they might pop off easily. So I just suggest to make the pillow cover extra roomy.

To make smaller (back) pillows to go along with the bigger ones, just repeat the above steps…just on a smaller scale. 😀

Here’s a video that might explain a few things you might have questions regarding as you go about sewing your fabulous floor pillows!!



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