Adventure – Radium Hot Springs, CO

So this adventure was a big one…lots of miles covered in just a short 2 1/2 day excursion. I think we ended up with about 900 miles total. This weekend was to commemorate our day of legal marriage, which marked 5 years. 🙂

We started the weekend off on Friday afternoon driving from Colorado Springs up to Denver to eat lunch at Mellow Mushroom. Every time we eat there it’s a most wonderful and pleasurable experience lol. We went to the one on the south side of Denver near Centennial.

Then we continued to drive onward towards the west side of Denver and happened across Red Rocks Amphitheater! So, of course we had to stop and see for ourselves how sweet of a place it is. After quite a few minutes drooling over how awesome it would be to play a show there, we continued on up towards Estes Park to try and find a campsite for the evening.

IMG_20160311_132903-1024x768 (2)

Turns out that trying to find an open campsite in Colorado (at least where we were) was more of a challenge than we expected. So we drove….and drove and drove. We happened across some pretty country, don’t get me wrong. We enjoyed ourselves, but it was getting a little ridiculous.


So we drove from about 1:00 ’til around 9:00 and finally settled into a rest stop near Vail. Which, was actually a really beautiful place.


We slept in the back of our Prius (we brought our camping mats, blankets and pillows) and despite it being about 20 degrees we were a comfortable 75 degrees in the car. Since the car is gas/electric, we just kept it on all night and the motor would kick on when the temp. would drop inside. We only used 1/2 a gallon of gas all night!

To enjoy our comfy experience to the max we vaped up some Sweet Tooth, jammed to Snoop Lion’s Reincarnate album and demolished the rest of our Mega Veggie pizza. 😀 It doesn’t get much better than that…lemme tell ya.

Then that next morning we woke up bright and early just before sunrise and drove to get coffee in Edwards. Traveling westward and a little more north towards Radium Hot Springs.

After a refreshing 4 mile(ish) hike and dip in the hot springs we continued our trek.

Our next stop was Leadville. A quaint town boasting a sweet recreational pot shop, Eyrl’s, and great place to eat, Tennessee Pass Cafe.

IMG_20160312_165644 IMG_20160312_164634IMG_20160312_170559 IMG_20160312_170107 IMG_20160312_164659

We tried their nachos and bean burger with flash fried brussels sprouts. Both were fantastic and washed down nicely with a locally brewed beer.

Afterwards we found the cutest little motel that only has 8 rooms! Alps Motel is 420 friendly AND pet friendly!! Not to mention an awesome rate of about $80/night. Here are a few pics of the outside and surroundings. …We forgot to take any pics of the inside… However, their rooms were very clean and had comfy beds.

IMG_20160313_081612 PANO_20160313_081316 IMG_20160313_081215

The final morning of our adventure we went to City on a Hill Coffee & Espresso. They have great coffee and actually had a vegan pumpkin bread that was delicious! Here’s a couple of pics of the inside.

IMG_20160313_084743 IMG_20160313_084834

And that sums up our 5th wedding anniversary adventure!

Enjoy those that surround you. Live in the moment, because that’s all we have….this moment. Much love to you all!!


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