Adam’s Mountain Cafe


After a long debate on where we should go to get the freshest food available at a dine-in restaurant we decided to try out Adam’s Mountain Cafe. I think we won this time.

The first thing that “had me at hello” was their effort to buy more local, non-GMO, organically produced goods as well as creating a “Slow Food” movement within the cafe. Their intentions are to cut out the waste of pre-packaging and doing their part by recycling and composting.

They’ve also made a comfortable environment that people can get to know each other. They’ve designated a specifically large table as the “community table” for this sole purpose.

Lastly, their wait staff is very knowledgeable about the different vegan/vegetarian options and that makes eating here a breeze. ….a very refreshing one at that.

We had non-GMO tortilla chips and house-made salsa to start off.


Then, Daniel got the Thai Noodle Salad and I got the Tibetan Vegetables. Both were fresh, tasty and of great portions.


Visit Adam’s Mountain Cafe if you’re interested in reading up on them a bit more. They’ve got some pretty cool things going on, including live music! 😀


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