Seva, Indian Cuisine


This is our Happy 8th Anniversary together!!

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We decided to make a trip to KC, MO and treat ourselves to some awesome food stuffs.

The choice was quickly made to eat at Seva, due to Daniel’s infatuation with Indian cuisine…and mine as well….

The story goes as follows;

As we pull up to the restaurant at exactly 5:00 (when they open for dinner) no lights were on in the front. So we waited for what seemed like an eternity, which in “reality” it was only like 5-10 minutes, and then we thought we’d go try the door. Turns out most of that side of KC’s power was out. They were running on back-up power and had minimal lights turned on, which gave the place a┬ávery ambient, intimate feel. Being that it looked like they were closed, the amount of people were minimal which made the experience that much more special.

One great thing about their menu is that it’s divided up into classifications, giving Vegetables it’s own category…and EVERYTHING in that section can be made vegan! What more can a starving vegan ask for?!

We chose the Daal Roti and their Vegetable Korma which were both fantastic and very authentic. We washed our food down with a refreshing Taj Mahal and Flying Horse beer, which were also fantastic.

Needless to say, our experience there was fantastic. Very friendly wait staff as well.


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